Our Practice


Dr. Gaines E. Huey (Dr. Brad's father) began the Walton, Kentucky dental practice in 1956.  Marcy joined her father in the practice when she graduated from dental school in 1986.  Brad followed in 1990.  After mentoring his daughter and son, Dr. Gaines E. Huey retired.

Why Choose Huey Dental?

We are family and we treat our patients like family.  We're not an assembly line dental clinic.  We don't ever want to get so busy that we can't spend the time needed with each patient.

We are different than most practices because the doctors do most of the treatment.  Both doctors do cleanings and place fillings on their patients.  Dr. Brad don't delegate these procedures to staff because they want to make sure that their patients recieve treatment that meets their standards.  Our standards were set by our father who taught us to do the best possible work for our patients.  We see work today that he did over 56 years ago and it doesn't need to be replaced.  Considering the average crown lasts 10-15 years and nearly all of his work has lasted over 50 years, he did it right!  That's what he taught us--to do it right.  That's why we practice the way we do.  We want to make sure our work lasts as long as his work has lasted.

We thank you for allowing us to take care of your dental needs and look forward to serving you!

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